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School Party / Homeroom Parent

The Sunset Valley PTA would love to have you as a parent volunteer this year!

PTA volunteers help in all sorts of activities in the classroom. You can be a Homeroom Parent, a class party volunteer, or help teachers with decorating, sorting, cutting, etc. If you can’t volunteer during the day, but would still like to help, you can send in supplies for parties and other classroom activities! But, the only way to be able to do any of this is to provide your EMAIL! This will allow you to be added to your classroom Shutterfly site by your Homeroom Parent and will help you stay in the loop on class parties, supply lists, and other classroom events.

Please note: all volunteers must be PTA members AND have their Safe Kids badges to volunteer in the school during the school day. For more information about Safe Kids, please visit the Sunset Valley website or contact your Homeroom Parent.

This section will be given to Homeroom Parent for your classroom. Please fill out ONE FORM FOR EACH CHILD.

I would like to be the Homeroom Parent for my child's class.

Have you ever been a Homeroom Parent in the past?



I would like to volunteer for class parties. Please rank parties in order of preference (1 through 4). All parties are held from 2:15pm – 3:15pm. AM Kindergarten parties are held at 9:30am – 10:30am


Fall Party - 10/31/22


Valentine's Day Party - 2/14/23


Winter Party - 12/22/22


Spring Party - 4/4/23

While Homeroom Parents try to accommodate preferences, it is not always possible to accommodate all requests due to the number of volunteers permitted at class parties. Additional information will come home once Homeroom Parents are chosen.

Party dates subject to change.

I can donate supplies such as snacks, crafts and other materials needed for class parties. Please add me to the Shutterfly Site.

Other Children at Sunset Valley:


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