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Volunteering at Sunset Valley

In order to volunteer for school activities & events, you must be a member of the PTA, be volunteer trained by the building principal and provide background clearances. You only need to complete volunteer training one time during your child(ren)’s entire time at Norwin.  Volunteer training is done at new student orientations and may be scheduled with the building principal during the school year.  

There are several events and committees that need your help, we have provided a description of each committee and the chairperson for each committee.


Safe Kids
Norwin uses Safe Kids, an online system that streamlines the acquisition, processing, and tracking of background checks and clearances for District employees, substitutes, volunteers, club sponsors, boosters and contractors. Safe Kids is the District's means of tracking and approving Clearance and Background check information. 


For additional information about the Safe Kids system, click here to access Norwin's website or download a SAFE KIDS FAQ sheet provided by Norwin.​


Volunteer Requirements:

  • Must be a current member of the Sunset Valley PTA  

  • Must provide Act 34 clearance (criminal background) 

  • Must provide Act 151 clearance (child abuse) 

  • FBI Fingerprinting if not a PA resident for 10 continuous years OR waiver if you have been a PA resident for 10 years

  • Must upload all clearance documentation to Safe Kids Norwin

  • Must agree to volunteer training guideline on Safe Kids 

  • Once clearances accepted in Safe Kids, YOU MUST GET A VOLUNTEER BADGE.


Criminal Background (Act 34) and Child Abuse (Act 151) background checks can be done online and are offered at NO COST for volunteers in the state of PA.  Click links below to complete clearances:



Federal Criminal History Check/FBI Fingerprinting

IDEMIA is Pennsylvania's new vendor for digital fingerprinting. You can register and be fingerprinted at an IdentoGO location. You do not need an appointment to be fingerprinted, but you must pre-register. Once you are registered, you may visit any location during operating hours. Please note, scheduling an appointment may lead to less or no wait times. In order to pre-register for a FBI background check and/or find a fingerprinting location, applicants should visit the IdentoGO website.


Click here to access the FBI fingerprinting waiver.  

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