Do you like to write stories or poems? Do you draw pictures or paintings?  Do you love to make movies or take photographs?  Or do you enjoy music and dance?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we would love for you to participate in this year’s PTA Reflections contest.  The theme is “I Will Change The World By..”  Create your work of art about this theme in any or all the categories listed above. All grade levels of Sunset and NOA are encouraged to participate.   Entries must be submitted to Mrs. Shavel at school by Monday, October 15th.  Click the buttons above for more information and to complete your entry form.  Entries and forms can be submitted digitally or sent into school with your child. 

We are so excited to showcase all the talented student at Sunset Valley and show everyone why they matter! 


Contact Mrs. Shavel rshavel@norwinsd.org with any questions.